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Hi my name is Rachel  and this is my before and after photo from losing 40+ pounds. I was reluctant and afraid to submit this at first because my past is something I always been embarrassed about, but overtime I learned that I shouldn’t be and it makes me the person I am today.

Now here is my story.  (Sorry if this is long and to read the more in depth/longer version, click here

I was born in California and was always a skinny kid. Being a twin and born too early, my sister and I were naturally underweight growing up. But soon things changed. At 13 years old, I stopped taking care of my self, I didn’t want to go to school, and the thought of death never left my head, and etc… My doctor thought I was depressed, so I was prescribed onto Prozac. It made my symptoms worse and I ate everything in the fridge and just couldn’t put food down. I was always hungry and could never get satisfied. I gained 40-50 pounds quickly and unhealthily. After a few months of being on Prozac, my parents switched up my medication. By then I was 14 years old. After many experiments with different anti-depressants,  they finally figured out what the heck is wrong with me. I have Bipolar (type 2). They switched my medication and instantly I became better and almost like my old self again. My binging stopped along with that. But while there isn’t a cure for bipolar, there is remission. With the right treatment, many people go for years - even decades - being symptom-free and that’s where I am now! :D

Getting to the weight loss part now… After the big change in me, I was 15 years old. During then, I decided to lose weight. According to the BMI chart, I was over weight and was affecting my health, so my doctor and parents were very supportive of this. It took me 6-7 months to 40-45 pounds, which is at a healthy rate for weight loss. People often ask me, “what is your secret?” and I’m just like “there is none! Weight loss isn’t magic.” I changed my lifestyle from being a coach potato and only eating junk/fast food to a nutritious wholesome diet. Along with having a good workout routine, drinking 8-9 cups of water a day, and being patient(results don’t happen overnight). People don’t often realize this, but nutrition plays a major role in weight loss and your body. I came a long way mentally and physically and I never been this happy. I went through some tough times, but I assure you, life does get better. (Also, I just turned 17 and been maintaining my weight for a year now if you’re wondering)

Lastly, If you have any questions or anything, you can check out my blog:

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Alyssa Loughran - deadlift

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Samantha and Geronimo

There are moments of extreme sadness that only a true love’s kiss can make go away, or, a dog double dutching excitedly.

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  • What too many girls say in the mirror:
  • Ughh... my thighs.. my hair... my face.. my stomach.. I hate everything
  • What every girl should be saying in the mirror:
  • Goddamn, well hello there cutie patootie with the A + bootie
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Infographic: Difference Between BDSM & Abuse


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